What do I need to know about raw gemstones? There may be natural but slight asymmetries (small differences) and imperfections in the size, shapes, colors, and patterns of raw gemstones that do not alter the quality or integrity of the stones. We make every effort to match them as perfectly as possible so there is continuity and balance in each design.

What does faceted mean? This is the cut of the gemstone or crystal that adds beautiful light-reflecting sparkle and dimension to the stone.

What is cubic zirconia? Cubic zirconia is a transparent manmade stone that looks like diamonds. Cubic zirconia stones are the crystalized form of the mineral zirconium dioxide. Cubic zirconia looks beautiful, has beautiful sparkle, is cheaper to produce, is conflict-free, and can be produced in an incredible variety of colors.

What is vermeil? Vermeil is the term for sterling or fine silver that is plated (covered) with a layer of gold. What does Bezel mean? A bezel is a piece of metal that frames and supports and secures a stone.

What does hypoallergenic mean? This means it is made of metal less likely to cause an allergic reaction, it is the best option for sensitive skin. All the metals used in Miel Jewelry are hypoallergenic.

What do gold- and silver-plated mean? A thin layer of gold or silver covers a base metal such as brass or copper.

What is gold or silver filled? A thicker solid layer of gold or silver is bonded to the base metal which increases the durability of the metal.

What is sterling silver? Pure silver is too soft for jewelry so sterling silver has a silver content is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. It is often mixed with copper or other metals to increase the strength and workability of the metal. Sterling silver may be combined with germanium, zinc, platinum, silicon, or Argentium, to reduce tarnishing. You may see sterling silver metal stamped with 925. What is 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold? The karat or “K” refers to how much gold is in the metal. 24K gold is 100% pure gold, 18K has 75% gold, 14K has 58.3% gold, 12K has 50% gold, 10K has 41.7% gold. In general, the higher the karat the darker the color. Gold may be mixed with silver, copper, zinc, nickel, or other metals.

What is Rhodium? Rhodium is a highly reflective and tarnish-resistant alloy used to harden other metals or as a silver plating for the base metal.

What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is a hypoallergenic silver metal. It has the benefit that it is waterproof and is not prone to tarnishing and does not scratch easily.

What is Niobium? Niobium is a highly durable metal for people who are sensitive to other metals. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to tarnishing, and it comes in a variety of colors.

Will your jewelry turn my skin green? We use high-quality hypoallergenic and skin-friendly metals, so this is unlikely. Did you know that it is not the quality of the jewelry but the unique chemistry between your skin and the metals that turn your skin green? Copper and brass are the two metals most likely to react with your skin and turn it green. The outer layer of silver and gold-plated base metal or gold and silver-filled metal may wear off over many years, potentially exposing your skin to the copper or brass base metal.

How do I care for my jewelry? Keep your jewelry away from moisture and chemicals, remove it before showering, swimming, soaking in water, or working out. Apply skin and beauty products before putting on jewelry and allow them to dry so they don’t damage the surface. Remove jewelry before bed to prevent damage and breakage and store in a closed dry space such as a bag made of soft cloth or a box.

Do you make custom jewelry? No, we do not make custom pieces currently.

Do you do wholesale? No, we do not do wholesale currently.


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