Miel Jewelry: A Passion for Handmade Jewelry

My creative passion for handmade jewelry was ignited the moment I took a workshop at a local bead store and stepped into the metalsmithing studio at our local arts and crafts school. I began making jewelry for everyone I knew and couldn't stop. Realizing this was more than just a hobby, I founded Miel Jewelry.

Miel Jewelry offers unique and beautiful, elegant, bohemian jewelry featuring gemstones, glass, and crystal beads. Gemstones connect me to nature, and I love highlighting their natural shapes, colors, and patterns in my jewelry. I enjoy the process of selecting the perfect gemstones, beads, and metals for each piece and draw inspiration from just about everything. Our bohemian jewelry collections blend boho chic style with classic, timeless elegance, offering unique and feminine jewelry.

Every piece is crafted with great care using high-quality findings from trusted suppliers, as well as handmade elements from the soldering bench or a mix of both. All metals and ear wires are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, reducing the risk of skin reactions.

Miel Jewelry allows me to create beauty and share it with others. I treasure the uniqueness in people, places, and things, and offer many limited edition and one-of-a-kind items in my shop. I hope you find something special that brings you happiness each time you wear it.

At Miel Jewelry, we have jewelry for a cause; our mission is to spread beauty and elegance through meticulously crafted pieces while giving back to our community. We believe in creating jewelry that enhances personal style and fosters a sense of purpose and generosity. Two percent of every sale is donated so that through our commitment to quality, artistry, and philanthropy, together we will make a positive impact on the world, one beautiful piece of jewelry at a time.

Learn more about how Miel Jewelry gives back with every purchase on our giving page. https://mieljewelryshop.com/pages/giving-back

Thank you for supporting my small business!



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